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The Academy’s programs have been personally crafted by Ghazaleh, based around the practice to live in the now, and move beyond mental limitations. Both are implemented through her straight-talking approach, providing individuals an outlet to discover the truth, without the nonsense.

Online Programs

The purpose of this program is to support each person to find their own power, so that they are not swept away by the thoughts, emotions, and every day dramas that can be a part of life. When you experience yourself in the present moment, to degrees where the past and future no longer exist – only then can you begin to find your own answers.

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Star Sign Coaching Sessions

Each star sign has their own set of traits. Learn how to use your star sign traits to better navigate situations and circumstance in your life. See the situation you are in from a different perspective, a perspective that is empowering and brings about self-awareness. From the space of self-awareness you will then understand how your star sign, and your star sign traits affect you, your choices, and how you turn up in this world.

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