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For over nine years, the Academy of Intuition has provided an avenue for those who wish to find ways of living in the moment, and truly knowing ones-self.

Our main aim is to provide quality support and facilitate those who strive to live a life of freedom and joy, unrestricted by their ego or unrealised limitations.

We support individuals by recognising the value and importance of living life from this present moment, and the power of not living your life at the mercy of your life circumstances, others opinions', your emotions, and ultimately - the thoughts in your mind.

We cut out the drivel, debunk the myths, and focus on what matters – this moment.

‘My only intention is to be in the NOW. By being in the Now I can then support you to bring your attention into the Now. From this Now, you will realise who you are. End of story.’ – Ghazaleh Lowe

In an industry so full of hype, with endless groups and self-help programs out there, it can be so easy to become disillusioned by what truth really is.

Ultimately, the reason we become dissatisfied with life, is because we are not present in the moment. In order to live a life that is fulfilling – we must be in the present moment.

This is where Academy Of Intuition offers a range of Online Programs, Live Group Workshops and Meditation Audios created by the founder and director, Ghazaleh Lowe, to support individuals on their journey of self-realisation.

We work with people from all walks of life, and aim to make the Academy of Intuition as accessible to as many as possible. Our programs are designed and facilitated by the Academy of Intuition’s founder and director, Ghazaleh Lowe

No matter what stage of your journey you are on, Academy Of Intuition can support you to realise that fulfilment comes from within you.

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The Academy’s programs have been personally crafted by Ghazaleh, based around the practice to live in the now, and move beyond mental limitations. Both are implemented through her straight-talking approach, providing individuals an outlet to discover the truth, without the nonsense.

Online Programs

The purpose of this program is to support each person to find their own power, so that they are not swept away by the thoughts, emotions, and every day dramas that can be a part of life. When you experience yourself in the present moment, to degrees where the past and future no longer exist – only then can you begin to find your own answers.

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Star Sign Coaching Sessions

Each star sign has their own set of traits. Learn how to use your star sign traits to better navigate situations and circumstance in your life. See the situation you are in from a different perspective, a perspective that is empowering and brings about self-awareness. From the space of self-awareness you will then understand how your star sign, and your star sign traits affect you, your choices, and how you turn up in this world.

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