About Ghazaleh Lowe

Ghazaleh Lowe’s work ethic is best described as honest and authentic. It’s her straight-talking approach, which draws clients back to her facilitation and what has earned her a huge respect amongst the industry and her clients. Not afraid to speak the truth, this is her foundation to helping those who are dedicated to truly awakening.

With over 20 years experience and constant self-practice, Ghazaleh has helped guide many people towards the road of presence, peace, and self-awareness. Her focus is that the more self-aware you are, the better your choices will be, and the richer your experience of life will be:

“Through all the years of working in this field of awakening, human consciousness, knowing oneself or you could say Spirituality. I have never been interested in bringing people into my sphere that need to be convinced, dragged or pushed to wake up to themselves. I never have nor am I now interested in marketing myself in a way that could appeal to the masses; I am not interested in the hype or fads”

Her simple yet profound practices have supported many people to becoming more aware of the choices they have available to them – and bringing our attention into the now.

To Ghazaleh, knowing oneself and living in the now is the ultimate freedom. Her passion lies in group-work, as she has seen the ability to self-reflect and the realisation many come to during these sessions.

Her role is to help you cut through life’s limitations, distinguish your ego, and remind you of who you truly are.

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All the reasons and explanations that we are searching for stop us from taking action on the steps that are important to us. Looking ahead too much and getting lost in the planning process doesn't allow us to be in this moment right now and follow what is in our heart.