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“…I feel as if I am hearing advice from a good friend, someone who really listens and understands the depths of my issues, goes beyond my narrow perspective, whose been where I stand in life and cares enough to take the time for me to bring a good change into my life by guiding me on how to help myself…There is no words to describe how helpful it has been in viewing myself and the world. It brings me warmth and hopefulness but not in some obscure fantasy way, in a grounded aware accepting kind of way…It has seriously helped me understand my errors in interacting with people and to take time to analyze my feelings and accept what they are and actually feel them so I can move on and grow…Since I started reading (not daily, most of the times when I am feeling down or just want to grasp a confusing day in another perspective) I am more like myself and have been destroying my illusions I built up from events in my life or relationships with people even just mistakes I have made that my ego couldn't accept as truths…Truly positive, inspiring, emotional, intellectual, depth powerful words that have made me take my time in my life to make things better for myself and everyone around me.” - B. (USA)
“I’ve been receiving Ghazaleh's Intuitive Horoscopes for sometime now. I really look forward to reading them. I enjoy that they don't follow the usual format and I particularly enjoy the fact that you never know what you going to get. Sometimes they're very gentle -and other times they really kick arse!
More often than not I feel that they are relevant to my current circumstances and they offer me the courage and the impetus to move forward - or they point out my old flawed patterns of behaviour and 'suggest' change is long overdue!!
Regardless of their focus- I know they come with love – from a place of love -and they always hold value.”
- Sally M (UK)
“…I wake up every single morning and read the horoscope because it allows me to put my day in perspective and serves as such a major inspiration on my own spiritual journey. The clarity and guidance I receive from these horoscopes is so indispensable and provides a gentle push to help me refocus throughout my day. Thank you for all that you do!”  - C. Miller (USA)
“I love your daily Intuitive Horoscopes. You are always spot on with your insights and if they don’t make sense at the time of reading, I often find upon reflection on the day that there were elements within what you had mentioned.
I also love your messages. You make me look inside myself to ask myself the big questions you put forward. The patterns and storylines that I have been telling myself are fine for years are looked at from a different perspective and released to bring in more positive abundance in my life.”
- Amber. (USA)
“I find the daily intuitive horoscopes inspirational, a guiding light and a way thru some of the day to day challenges I face. Thank you for the guidance over the years.” - JR (USA)
“I find your Intuitive Horoscopes very inciteful and relevant. I am sure that planets have an affect on people but sometimes people confuse meanings through their own veil of ego. I feel, due to your deeper work, this veil is lifted and it enables you to connect more directly with these energies without too much personal distraction, hence the reason they are more accurate.” - Susi W (AUS)
“Ghazaleh's daily horoscopes have been helpful in keeping me grounded. Ghazaleh's wisdom shines through, sometimes life can feel like you are walking through fog. And that little light can help to keep you on the path. Thank you Ghazaleh.” - Donna S (NZ)
“The daily horoscopes are how I found AOI and led me to the intuitive messages which have both been extremely supportive in helping me cope better with certain situations that arise in daily life. Some days they literally are life changing for me. I love how Ghazaleh is genuine in that she doesn't sugar coat anything yet she is warm and comforting in delivering the message.” - Anne
“The Intuitive Horoscopes provide so much value to my daily life. They always seem to come at the right time to give me reassurance that I am on the right track, or clarity in a decision I've got to make, or provide me with something to ponder on that takes me deeper in knowing who I am. It is such a good feeling to see the email pop into my inbox because I always feel more peaceful after reading Gaz's insights. It's as though she wrote them just for me.” - Christina T (USA)
“I look forward to receiving Your Intuitive Horoscope every day. It has helped me so much to identify blind spots within myself that I find difficult to reach most times due to daily life routines or cause the ego is so subtle. I read your words and I wait for the truth to ring out to me by just sitting in the present moment. Just as it has supported me through times of confusion, they have also confirmed on many occasions that I am on the right track as well. Thank you and I am very grateful for your time and wisdom.” - Belinda
I really look forward to your email each day. My horoscope always reflects what's going on in my life and provides me with either direction or reassurance for the present day. Thank you so much for sharing these with us.” - Stephanie (AUS)

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