The  1:1 Intuitive Sessions  are all about self-awareness, they are facilitated by Ghazaleh Lowe who has over 20 years experience in the field of human consciousness and self-awareness. Ghazaleh has facilitated thousands of sessions in her time and brings absolute presence and precision to each session.

You will walk away knowing that something deep in your core is shifting and who you thought you were is not who you are.

The sessions are there to support the individual to find the answers they are seeking and more importantly to awaken to what is true for them without all the wishy-washy ideas that keep so many separate from their purpose.

‘Self-awareness is a lifetime of practice and any support along the journey can greatly equip one to get to the core of the truth a lot faster.’

You have the flexibility of booking a shorter session to touch base or ask your questions, as well as the option of a maximum of a 1-hour long session, or anything in between.

When you book in your Intuitive Session, you will be allocated a standard 40-minutes, however you will only be charged for the time used during your session.

Below is an example of what the session pricing can be;

5 minutes = $27.50 AUD
10 minutes = $55 AUD
15 minutes = $82.50 AUD
20 minutes = $110 AUD
25 minutes = $137.50 AUD
30 minutes = $165 AUD
35 minutes = $192.50 AUD
40 minutes = $220 AUD
45 minutes = $247.50 AUD
50 minutes = $275 AUD
55 minutes = $302.50 AUD
60 minutes = $330 AUD

You can use the below link to view availability and book in now.

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