One-on-One Intuitive Sessions

The  Intuitive Sessions  are all about self-awareness, they are facilitated by Ghazaleh Lowe who has over 20 years experience in the field of human consciousness and self-awareness. Ghazaleh has facilitated thousands of sessions in her time and brings absolute presence and precision to each session.

You will walk away knowing that something deep in your core is shifting and who you thought you were is not who you are.

The sessions are there to support the individual to find the answers they are seeking and more importantly to awaken to what is true for them without all the wishy-washy ideas that keep so many separate from their purpose.

‘Self-awareness is a lifetime of practice and any support along the journey can greatly equip one to get to the core of the truth a lot faster.’


Session Information  

Length: 45 minutes  (all sessions are held on Skype, Zoom or Phone)

Price: $195AUD (payable upon session call | packages are also available upon request)

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Support and Guidance

Whether it's experiencing an Intuitive Session or taking some time out with one of our Meditation Audio's, there are many ways to incorporate your practice of mindfulness no matter your lifestyle.

Meditation Audios

Our in-house crafted meditation audios are designed with the intention of supporting individuals to relax and rest their mind and body. They encapsulate the Academy’s focus on living in the now. When you are no longer fighting with the thoughts in your mind, your attention will naturally fall into the present moment.


Our Latest Intuitive Message

All the reasons and explanations that we are searching for stop us from taking action on the steps that are important to us. Looking ahead too much and getting lost in the planning process doesn't allow us to be in this moment right now and follow what is in our heart.