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  • Aquarius Meditation Audio

    Aquarius Meditation Audio

    The Aquarius Meditation Audio is designed to show the Aquarius the peace that already remains regardless of what is going on. The Aquarius can at times forget that the inner peace cannot be moved by anything on the outside nor can it be moved by any of the thoughts in the mind. Peace is absolutely crucial to the Aquarius to be able to live their life from a space of true power, without peace the Aquarius is lost and takes far too many actions from ego.

    The music takes the Aquarius on a journey to meet with inner peace. There may be some turbulence at times before the Aquarius can meet with the inner peace, however the inner peace always remains and it’s crucial for the Aquarius to not only know this to but to feel this. The journey that the Aquarius can take with this music has the potential to show the Aquarius what they are really made of and what actions are the best actions for them in order to live their lives from truth.

    $24.95 AU

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