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  • Aries Meditation Audio

    Aries Meditation Audio

     This music is designed to support the Aries to allow themselves to move out of the usual head thinking space and step into new territories. It enables the Aries to recognise the difference between the head thinking space and the open heart space.

    As an Aries it is so profound and powerful is to bring yourself out of the thoughts in your head and into your heart. This music will certainly take you on the very necessary journey of your heart so that you can see what is true for you and what feels right for you, especially when you feel you are ready to make a decision in your life.

    The Aries at times can forget the importance of their heart and what their heart is guiding them to act on as they rely too much on their intellect. The intellect cannot be useful when it comes to matters of the heart and as an Aries as much as you can be intellectual, your heart has the final say. This being the case it is so important that you are able to recognise the difference between your heart and your intellect, which is what this piece of music is designed to support you with.

    $24.95 AU

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