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  • Capricorn Meditation Audio

    Capricorn Meditation Audio

    The Capricorn Meditation Audio is specifically designed to remind the Capricorn that they can do it. It is to take the Capricorn onto a journey of greatness to realise that this greatness comes from within them and therefore they always have access to this greatness. At times the Capricorn becomes very lost in small thinking and lack of confidence in who they truly are and this can also take place when they feel threatened by either someone else or particular thoughts. The Capricorn is truly mighty and powerful and it’s only the Capricorn usually who doesn’t see this fact and finds themselves feeling quite the opposite.

    The music for the Capricorn shows the Capricorn the journey to who they are, who they truly are and how it feels to be who they truly are. This piece of music is really about the feeling and realising that they are never far from this feeling. All they need to ever do is remember this feeling and once it’s remembered then it’s from this space that they can use their greatness to live life.

    $24.95 AU

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