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  • Gemini Meditation Audio

    Gemini Meditation Audio

    The Gemini Meditation Audio is specifically designed for the Gemini to connect to who they are as one, rather than a split entity. This particular music is powerful for the Gemini as it supports the Gemini to realise the oneness of who they are, which therefore enables the Gemini to become more consistent and persistent in the decision making process. The Gemini can at times get way too caught up in the split of the twins, which then causes the Gemini to sit in a space of confusion and believe that they don’t know the true answer for themselves.

    This piece of music can support the Gemini to go into a journey deep within the realms of truth and connect with their own wisdom, which is truly grand and powerful to assist the Gemini to realise that they do know what the answer is for them.

    $24.95 AU

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