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  • Pisces Meditation Audio

    Pisces Meditation Audio

    The Pisces Meditation Audio is designed to remind the Pisces of love, the feeling of love and what it means to be in love. I am talking about the love that is beyond the human comprehension, the love that has nothing to do with the thoughts in the mind. At times the Pisces can be too quick to give up on love and too fast to walk away from love due to the challenges that they may meet along the journey of love. It is so important for the Pisces to know, feel and experience love in all of their choices and actions, otherwise their connection to the world of phenomena becomes interrupted.

    The music enables the Pisces to step into a journey of love, a journey where they feel the love with the depth of their entire being and this is the wholesomeness for the Pisces. This music can enable the Pisces to transcend thought and step into a realm of possibility that requires no thought, question or limitations. The Pisces must know that limitation is only ever a single thought and this piece of music can show the Pisces beyond limitation.

    $24.95 AU

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