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  • Sagittarius Meditation Audio

    Sagittarius Meditation Audio

    The Sagittarius Meditation Audio is designed to remind the Sagittarius of the bigness of their dreams. At times the Sagittarius finds themselves feeling smaller than their dreams or what they wish to achieve, whether internal or external and this causes the Sagittarius to go into a space of dark limitation. The Sagittarius must always feel as big as the dreams and visions that sit in their hearts and they must know that all is always possible no matter how long it takes.

    The music enables the Sagittarius to enter a journey of pure heart, a journey that shows them the unlimitedness of the dreams in their heart and that there is no other way but to live through this unlimitedness. A Sagittarius is truly happy and satisfied when they know that the thoughts in their mind have no power over them and this particular audio supports the Sagittarius to realise what power really is and how to use it.

    $24.95 AU

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