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  • Scorpio Meditation Audio

    Scorpio Meditation Audio

    The Scorpio Meditation Audio is designed to bring the awareness of the Scorpio to the surface. The music for the Scorpio can enable them to drop the need for any kind of validation, realising that they are beyond the need for validation. At times the Scorpio can get caught up in needing validation from either the people in their lives or from their circumstances, as though if the circumstances show up in a particular way then they are doing something right or wrong, so to speak.

    The Scorpio has access to a power deep within that many Scorpio's forget and this causes them to live in an almost familiar tension in their own bodies. I say familiar because it’s easy to become used to this kind of tension. The Scorpio must be free at all times and if there is any thought, person or circumstances that doesn’t allow room for freedom then this causes great stagnation.

    This piece of music can support the Scorpio to realise where there is always freedom and how they can always feel this feeling of freedom no matter what seems to be going on either in the mind, or outside in the external world. It is a journey that shows the Scorpio what they are capable of with their freedom and for the Scorpio this is crucial.

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