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  • Virgo Meditation Audio

    Virgo Meditation Audio

    The Virgo Meditation Audio is designed to support the Virgo to draw their attention to their inner world and appreciate the vastness of their spiritual world. This piece of music can help the Virgo to speak for themselves and to realise that what they have to say and do is of the utmost value too. The Virgo can at times forget themselves in the giving process and therefore not be so open to the receiving part of life.

    The music enables the Virgo to step into a journey for which they can find the feeling of being open to receiving and the sense of how truly valuable they are. The journey will enable the Virgo to see the greatness of who they are from the inside, which then speaks for itself on the outside.

    Each Star Sign Meditation Audio comes with a profile outline of your star signs traits and characteristics.
    $24.95 AU

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