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Each star sign has their own set of traits. Learn how to use your star sign traits to better navigate situations and circumstance in your life.

The purpose of the Star Sign Coaching Sessions is to help you see the situation you are in from a different perspective, a perspective that is empowering and brings about self-awareness. From the space of self-awareness you will then understand how your star sign, and your star sign traits affect you, your choices, and how you turn up in this world. 

The Star Sign Coaching Sessions are not about your future, numerology, astrology, nor is there any advice given during your session. Ghazaleh's intention is to empower you to realise the wisdom of your own answers that you have access to.

Session details

  • 20 minute Skype session with Ghazaleh Lowe.
  • Learn how your star sign traits impact the choices you make in your life.
  • Limited time only. Session times available from the 13th November - 16th December, 2017.
  • Please note: Payment via bank transfer is available upon request. Please contact us directly for more details.

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Whether it's experiencing an Intuitive Session or taking some time out with one of our Meditation Audio's, there are many ways to incorporate your practice of mindfulness no matter your lifestyle.

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All the reasons and explanations that we are searching for stop us from taking action on the steps that are important to us. Looking ahead too much and getting lost in the planning process doesn't allow us to be in this moment right now and follow what is in our heart.